About Us

About Us

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I am BabluKarmakar residing at West Bengal, India. Most people have a variety of wishes and dreams. I am also one of them. I want to live a normal life. My thoughts may be a joke for many, but I think this is the best thought. The thinking may then be the same. If thinking is big and is part of life.

About us

I have completed B.Sc from West Bengal from Yulara College. Then I studied computer hardware and networking from Bokaro. Then, I got the skills to work in different companies. I currently teach at a school as a part-time job and do the work of computer hardware at other times. I enjoy writing blogging and editing and uploading videos on my YouTube channel during my special time.



Myself Sajal Narayan Deb from West Bengal, India. I had do MSc from Tata college, Chaibasa. I have working experience in the steel iron sponge plant as an assistant production manager. Later, I left the job and then, starts photography. I have gain knowledge of Photoshop and video editing. I am also attracting to drawing as well as craft making. On the other side, we mostly depend upon agriculture. So, we engage most of the time in cultivation. We grow crops, vegetables including mushrooms. We also do animal husbandry in the village. When in free time all of these, I have great interest to express my ideas and views to others in terms of blog writing. Blogging is the best platform for me to express my ideas and interest. Writing is also my hobby, through this, I am very attractive toward blog writing. I have expectations from others that, they also do the same desire. This is my brief introduction.


Sajal Da and I belong to the same place so it is normal for us to know each other. I BabluKarmakar met one day with Sajal Da. Then, a very close friendship developed between us. One day, we suddenly have a discussion about blogging and YouTube Channel. In this discussion, we both express a desire to do. There is a lot of co-operation between the two of us and we understand each other very well. We work together on blogging and YouTube Channel. We work in these two fields only after the two have expressed their views.