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Client Server Network Features.How does it works?

What is a client-server network?

We usually confused about the client-server network. Now, Lets us elaborate on how client-server network works. A central computer controls the client-server network. A central computer is very powerful and it has a high configuration. The server means the central computer.

You may have heard the names of many types of servers such as mail server, print server, file server, etc. These are all central computers one by one. This server connects all other computers on the network. So, it called client computers. The image shown itself is a client-server network.

The basic use of the client-server network is resource sharing. Almost all the data and software requires for the work are kept on this server. All of this data and software stores on the server. Clients can do it at any time. However, in order to use the client must take specific permission. For this, each client must use a specific account and password.

What are the Different Services of a Server?

A server can provide a variety of services. The application programs on the server used by many end computers simultaneously.

Multiple client computers can use one program at the same time. Then, different client computers can use different programs at the same time. Many of the different services are as follows. we implement various types of server E.g.

Files and Print Server

This server controls the data contained in the server and the needs of the client computer. It works for different types of programs. Also, use the printer connected to the server. In a network, you can add one or more print servers.

Communication Server or Mail Server

The job of this server is to control the issues related to email. The mail server is responsible for keeping mailboxes.

Web Server

An organization’s website has many webpages. These pages are linked to the organization’s web server. Thousands of computers around the world can come together to view a webpage. This type of thing appears when the test results published.

The web server sends the specific web page to the address of each computer as required. The role of this web server is very important for the proper operation of a website.

A small organization has such a program on a server. But a large organization uses more than one server for different tasks. More than one server uses for the same task according to the importance and need of the task.

What are the advantages of Client-Server?

The special advantages of the client-server network are discussed below.


The security system is very important in the client-server network. So the security system is very tightly regulated. The person who controls all valuable data software called as the system administrator. As a result, no computer in the network can destroy or replace them. Most organizations use client-server networks for this special security facility.


Since most of the data and necessary software are centralized in one place, the task of network control is done in a very important way through special software.


The main goal of the client-server network is to share any data, programs, and various resources. With the help of all the computers in the network get all these kinds of things.


Data is a valuable thing in the system. So it is very important to keep a backup or copy of the data to keep the data safe. So that even if the server’s hard disk is damaged. It recovers from the backup. That’s why the server has special arrangements. They allow us to backup your data one or more times a day at a certain time.

Number of users

The client-server network can have several thousand or more users. So, They can work safely and securely without any hassle. What a special advantage it is to have a client-server network. So many users at once can’t work smoothly on any other network.

What are the disadvantages of Client-Server Networking?

The client-server networking system is a bit complicated. Connecting a large number of computers across different devices. It installs them on servers and client computers, installing operating systems, and arranging security well is a time consuming and laborious task. This type of networking requires a system administrator.


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