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This unit deals with the basic ideas of COMPUTER OUTPUT DEVICE. We will briefly describe the monitor and its types, printer and types of printers, plotter, and types of a plotter, voice response system, and many more.

Computer output devices are peripheral devices, which are employed to get the output from the computer system. The result of our calculation is obtained by using output devices. Now we will briefly discuss all kinds of output devices.


The monitor is the most useful and important computer output device. It displays the output result. A monitor is just like a TV screen.  It can show a soft copy of the processed results. The different

computer output device

types of Monitors have different resolutions sizes and characteristics.

Types of monitors

The following are the different types of monitors

  1. CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor
  2. LCD (liquid crystal diode) monitor
  3. LED (light emitted diode) monitor

CRT Monitor (cathode ray tube):-

CRT technology is an embedded vacuum tube technology that is evolutionary in the field of monitors. These monitors are low-cost reliable and available in different colors etc. However, they consume much electricity and are heavy.

LCD monitor (liquid crystal diode):-

A liquid crystal display monitor uses liquid crystals which were first discovered in 1888 by an Austrian botanist Friedrich Rhine stir. These types of monitors are very slim and lightweight. The LCDs are rapidly replacing CRT monitors. We use LCD monitors for notebooks, small computers, pagers phones, and other devices.

LED monitor (light emitted diode):-

LED or light-emitting diode is an enhanced version of LCD with fluorescent lamps having LED backlights. It uses a semiconductor diode instead of filament. One can normally use LED  in many devices such as cell phones computers monitors flashlights and movement sensors etc.

  • Graphic adapters:-

A video graphic is a device that performs graphic processing. It also called a graphic card, display adapter, video card, etc. It describes the resolution refresh rate and the number of colors display on the monitor. Currently, the graphics circuit is built into the chipset size. The monitor size refers to the distance in inches from one corner to the other of the viewable area.

A CRT monitor size measures the distance of the entire front of the monitor. The monitor screen found in inches. The commonly used monitor sizes are 14 inches, 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches, and 21 inches.

  • Resolution

Resolution defines the number of horizontal and vertical pixels on the monitor. The pixels are the finest component of a digital image and these pixels can form a comprehensive picture. More pixels make a better picture quality.

Monitor resolution is dimensioned by width and height like 640 X 480 resolution.  That means the width of the screen is 640 pixels and 480 pixels. Its height normally a user displays. Its output on the screen but sometimes a user also needs to take the output in the form of a paper which is possible with the help of a printer.


computer output deviceThe printer is a vital Output Device of a Computer it provides the hard copy of a processed result. Generally, printers are black and white, but color printers are also available in the market at reasonable prices.

Printers are different in types. for example, Dot matrix printer, Inkjet printer, etc.

Dot-matrix Printers

These are the character printers which print one character at a time. it uses pin strikes on the ribbon to form characters against paper the speed of printing of dot matrix printer ranges from 30 to 550 characters per second.

  •  Dot-matrix is a low-cost printer and consumes less energy.
  • Limitations dot matrix printers create noise during the printing process. They print the text with low resolution. The font facility is limited and graphics quality is also not high.
Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are the character printers used to print all kinds of graphics. These printers print one character at a time and use ink bottles in different color combinations. Inkjet printers use for ink cartridges.

The graphic quality or text quality depends on the strength of the ink cartridge. inkjet printers can be attached with the help of a USB cable.

  • normally inkjet printers consume less energy and the printing quality is high.
  • printing cost is high because refilling bottles makes the cost high.
Drum Printers

Drum printers are used to print an entire line at a time. It uses a cylindrical drum as a printing mechanism. whenever a user wants to print a character the desired character is rotated around to the hammer line the hammer hits the paper and pushes it into the ribbon to print the character.

  •  Drum printer is energy efficient they consume less ink
  •  The printing speed of the drum printer is slow. the printing quality is low and they also produced noise during the printing. They cover a lot of space.


Laser Printers

Laser printers called page printers that print one page at a time. The laser printers used toners to print. Also capable to print the high-quality graphic images with resolution ranges from 600 to 1200 dpi.

To print, a character printer sends a laser beam to a rotating drum to form a character on the drum and then transfer the character in the edge on paper.

Laser printers are speedier and noiseless the printing quality is high they can print on both sides of a paper. Laser printers are expensive.


Plotters use to print architecture. engineering and mechanical drawings on large sheets with the high printing quality. The most commonly used plotter is pen plotter it has six or eight color pen cartridges. So, that moves across the entire paper of the drawing. They are capable of printing complex technical drawings.

Nowadays, there is are replacement of plotters by large capacity. Inkjet printers and led toner-based printers. These are plotters but behave as raster plotters rather than pen plotters. raster is a digital computer image which is the combination of small pixels.

ATM & POS Output Device –

ATM (automatic teller machine) is used as an unattended device or a machine. That is used in the banks for the withdrawal of money. Outside the bank at any time. ATM provides a very easy and secure way for money transactions.

These sorts of machines use a real-time operating system. ATM monitors specifically used for money transactions.computer output device

So, ATM provides instant cash withdrawal. It inquires about a quick balance. So, the transfer of funds and money is easy to operate. The PIN can be changed anytime.

 POS terminal

POS or point of sale terminal used in place of cash registers in the shops. Currently, the POS terminals have replaced the manual systems of registering the record of sale and purchase.

POS terminal immediately updates the sale and purchase records in the memory. For this availability, It also provides a printed receipt of the record. Moreover, They can also process credit and debit cards to their respective debit credit card.

Multimedia Projector (Most common Computer Output Device)

A multimedia projector display information from the computer on to a large screen. This device is specifically helpful in delivering lectures and presentations. There are further two prominent types of multimedia.

1. Projectors LCD multimedia

Projector LCD projector also called a digital multimedia projector.LCD multimedia projector can adjust the brightness and contrast and produce sharp images. some popular LCD multimedia projectors are Viewsonic PG 8 6 2 Sony etc.

2. DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector-

DLP projectors also called digital multimedia projectors. These projectors are portable lighter in weight and smaller in size.

These projectors produce the best quality video images. They can connect easily to other digital devices like DVD players, CD players, etc.

Voice Response Systems

Voice response systems help in communication between the computer and the user. These systems keep an audio response device that helps produce audio output in this way. Therefore, these systems provide easy communication to both users and computers.

Voice reproduction system- once the reproduction system uses a database of pre-recorded responses. For example, words phrases or sentences that human being uses to speak.

So, it produces the output by selecting the particular words and phrases from the database applications of the voice reproduction system.

The most familiar example of using a voice reproduction system is a special ATM machine. Hence, this uses the voice reproduction system to provide systematic or step-by-step guidance to its customers. So, it helps the customers to make a financial transaction.

Another application is the automatic answering machine. It uses telephone inquiries like schedules of trains and airplanes etc. Another example of this application is the children talking toys. So, this also produced speech for the various exciting sums.




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