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Nowadays, computer is an essential device that plays a very important role in any task. The work of the computer is very important. So, we need to take computer basic ideas. We will explain in this article about – What is a computer? How did it work? and many more. Therefore, you will learn about the full details of the computer.

To know how a computer works, you must know the basics of computer ideas. Many of you may know about the basics of computer ideas. But, how a computer works. When you think of a computer and what does it do for you.

Of course, it process and it computes well. In this way, it inputs the data from the user processes and gives the output. Now, we shall see the way the processing goes in getting a job done.

What is a Personal Computer (PC)?

Personal Computers are an electronic device that performs the same functions as a human. The only difference being the speed at which it performs these functions. When you think about the computer basic ideas, you are usually reminded of calculations and computations. Since the user inputs the data through the input device for calculation. After then, the computer gives the output through the output device.

In this way, the primary jobs that a computer can perform are storing data, processing data, and moving and communicating the different data patterns. The following Parts shows the Computer Basic Ideas.

Ideas on Primary Function of a Computer Basic

In the parts of Computer basic Ideas, we have to know the ideas of the primary function of computer basic. A computer is used to perform operations on information for the data there are variations in performing the operations like –

How is the data handled and how much is moved around? How efficiently does the processing occur how How quickly can it be done?

Hence, the primary jobs of a computer are given below

  • (a) storing the data
  • (b) processing the data
  • (c) movement and communication of the data

Computing with a Computer

The computer receives information in digital forms when the value of finite and defined. For example, the sun rises in the east and set in the west it has only one defined likewise computers use a form of digital information called binary information. Here, the values are restricted to only ‘0’ and ‘1’.

The advantage of the binary information is it is very simple to handle and enables easy machine level understanding. The counting goes like this 0, 10, 11, 100, 101, etc. Computing needs hardware and software.

Computer Basic Concept for Hardware and Software

To know more computer basic ideas, so, we must have knowledge of Hardware and software.


Hardware means devices, like computer itself, keyboard, monitor, printer, mouse, etc. It includes not only the computer proper but cable, power supply unit, connector, etc. Anything we can touch with our hands attached to the computers. If a problem arises in a hardware device, we can replace that to continue the computer work.


Software is a set of instructions that enable all types of components of a computer to work in a specific way is known as software. this set of instructions is called a program. Moreover, the computer can not work without instructions of the software. We can install software through a number of steps followed by the companies terms and conditions. And, In the same way, we can , uninstall the software when need.

Computer Basic Ideas for Systems and Components

Computers are created with many different types of components, which can be mixed and matched in thousands of different configurations. The case, CPU, Monitor, Joysticks, Motherboard, Scanner, Printer, etc., are some of the basic components of the computer.


The main circuit board linked with all other peripherals.


Used to provide temporary storage of information.


Processing data function.

Hard disk:

Permanent storage of data.

CD or DVD Drive:

CD or DVD player


Displays the information or data.


This device is similar to a typewriter.


A pointing device.

According to Computer Basic, the Types of computer are

We are familiar with only a laptop and a desktop. Besides, there many types of computers. In the modern world, almost all sectors of business, shops, companies, govt. as well as in-home, Computer utility seems everywhere. But, the use of a computer is different in different sectors.

Use of computer in different Sector

The different sector uses a different type of computer. For example, in journalism, in the research center, in industries, in-home, medicine companies, in hospitals, in mining, geological field, in weather forecasting, and many more.

In our daily life, we use many types of gadgets, are also a type of computers. For example, a calculator, digital watch, digital camera, ATM machine, xerox machine, mobile phone, GPS device in the vehicle, and many more.

In two ways, we can classify the computer, the first one is, according to data controlling capacity and the second one, is according to the size of the computer.

According to data controlling capacity, computer are three types:-

i) Analog Computer

In Old days, we used the analog computer. Since the analog computer does not support graphics. The analog computer processes the analog data. Here, the term analog data means data changes continuously while in use.

Since analog computer shows specific value after taking data but it is not changeable. The data type-speed, temperature, current, and pressure. For example, the Mercury thermometer, Speedometer is an analog computer.

ii) Digital Computer

In the present day, we use high-speed computers like a laptop, desktop. all these are an example of Digital computers. So, it supports graphics as well as easily usable.

Through Digital computers, we get output in a very short time in much accuracy. Since, it has two parts – to perform calculations and logical operation.


iii) Hybrid Computer

Hybrid computers are very big as compare to digital computers. Actually, it is a combination of Analog and digital computers. Rather than one person, more than one person operates this computer.

According to Size, computer are five types:-

i)  Supercomputer

The supercomputer is very speedy and bigger than all the computers. It processes a huge amount of data and connects with vast computer networks in a microsecond with great accuracy.

For example, use of supercomputer in weather forecasting, in defense, in the scientific research center, etc

ii) Main Frame Computer

Main Frame computers are smaller than supercomputers. It performs like a server computer. we may say, it accessible a large number of connections at the same time. So, a wide area network uses these types of computers.

iii) Mini-computer

Minicomputers are multiprocessing medium-size computers. The connection limit at one time of these computers ranges from 4 to 200 users. So, Processor speed is medium and supports more than two processors. Generally, it uses for billing in shops, small industries.

iv) Micro-computer

The microcomputer is very familiar to us. We use at home and a small office that called as personal computer or PC. We use it individually. Mostly used computers are microcomputers in the present. For example, Desktop and laptop computers are microcomputers.

v) Work station

The work station is highly possessing RAM and high-speed graphics computers. Since, we see its use in engineering work, music work, cinema graphics.




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