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Nowadays, a computer is a very important device for every work in our life. The devices that put any data on the computer called input devices. The computer performs arithmetic and logic operations. Moreover, All of the components of a computer are electronics and electromechanical.

All computer input device components can be divided into two parts.


In this article, we explain about INPUT DEVICES

Input devices work to access any data from a user to a computer. Firstly, we discuss the most common input devices such as Keyboard and Mouse.

1} Keyboard:

A keyboard is the most important and useful device. The keyboard is the most common input device. As a result, it used to input characters, numbers, and special characters. So, It has many keys and all keys have their properties. While, each key is a switch, which when pressed, sends a digital code to the computer.

There are two types of keyboard available :

(1) PS/2 keyboard [the ps/2 port is 6 pin mini-din type connector used in Desktop computer]

(2) USB Keyboard [you can use a USB keyboard on a desktop or laptop computer]. The most used keyboard today is a USB keyboard.

2} Mouse:

Likewise, the mouse is also the most important and useful input device. The mouse is used to control the pointer on the computer screen. It also called a pointing device that is used to provide input signals to the computer processor. The mouse can move the cursor to different things on the computer screen.

The mouse buttons can move or select items by smooth pressing. We usually see two kinds of mouse (1) ps/2 mouse (2) USB mouse.

Today many people are using a wireless mouse. A Wireless mouse needs a USB port to connect to your computer.

3} Scanner:

The scanner is an input device such as a mouse or keyboard. Mainly, the scanner can adapt the visual information into digital data. Moreover, it can scan a print copy, page, magazine page, handwriting text, etc., and send it to the computer system. First of all, the scanner can capture images from physical items and convert them into digital formats. Thereafter, the Computer stores these digital formats.

We can see many different types of scanners in the markets. But, all types of scanners work on a similar approach to transmission. For more queries, If you need to take a photocopy or you need to send it to another computer of a paper or image you must have to buy a scanner.

4} Lightpen:

 Lightpen is also an input device. It looked like a general writing pen. Very carefully, we use a lightpen to a touch screen monitor or display. 

This input device operates a light-sensitive detector to select things on a display screen. If the light placed against the screen, in such a way, the light-sensitive aspect will enable the computer to identify the location of the pen on the screen.


In the same way, the joystick is also the most useful device. A joystick is also an input device. It consists of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the device it is controlling. In this way, we use joysticks to control video games.  Usually, It has one or more pushbuttons whose state can also be read by the computer.

5} Microphone:

Similarly, A microphone is also an input device that captures the sound and converts it into a digital signal. Several types of microphones are in use. A computer processed the digital signal or another digital audio device. The microphone can record our voice and send it to a computer. So, We can save our recorded voice on our computer.


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Comment below for More Details of the Input device of the computer

Hopefully, We have learned a lot about input devices. If you want to know more about any input device, then, write the comment below.



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