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Computer Scanner Device Concepts

Computer Scanner Device 

A computer scanner device is the most useful input device. We can found a variety of features of different types of scanner devices used on the computer. We can buy different types of a scanner device on any e-commerce website like amazon.in and Flipkart etc.

An example of the most popular and useful computer scanner device is a flatbed scanner

Scanner Performance

The computer scanner device performs capturing pictures, documents, paper, and pages from books and magazines. Also, The scanner is used to take a photocopy of a paper image and convert the same into a digital image. Moreover, We can save those copies on a hard drive as computer files.

Scrutinize an image and develop it in various ways is the fundamental rule of a scanner. We can rework or improve the image or the text which we have saved in our file by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. We can then take a print out or save it on our computer.

Different types of  Computer Scanner device.

When we know about computer scanner devices, we also need to know about different types of computer scanner devices. Various types of computer scanner devices are given below.

(1) Flatbed scanner device:

The most popular and most useful scanner is a flatbed scanner. So, It is easy to use and frequently used in the offices. We may see, this type of scanner has a parallel glass. On top of this glass, we can put any paper, page, or documents. A glass cover held over it. At first, close the cover and then start the scan from our computer.

(2) Sheet-fed scanner device:

This scanner seems like a small portable printer. Therefore, it is similar to a flatbed scanner except for a few features. It has a scan head and the changeable documents.

(3) Handheld scanner device:

We have to use it by running over any writing with our own hands. The special thing is the ability to capture text that happens very quickly.  Commonly, it used to scan any text. But text size should be the size of the scanner area. Using it to scan an image becomes very complicated.

(4) Drum scanner device:

A drum scanner is more often used by the publishing business to capture lots of detailed images. Here, Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) is a technology. This technology uses a drum scanner. So, a  huge amount of documents are scan with this scanner.


The function of a Computer Scanner Device

The main or most important things of a scanner are resolution and interpolation. If the resolution is high, the sharpness and file size of the image also will be high.

So, If we want to buy a scanner we must see the resolution of the scanner. The interpolation can improve the quality of documents and the resolution of the scanner determines document accuracy.

As a result, different types of scanner have different resolutions. The minimum resolution is 300×300 dots per inch (dpi)

Interfaces used by Scanners Device

A scanner may have more than one way of connecting to our computer.

  • Parallel – In this method, we can connect the scanner through the parallel port. So, In existing methods, this is the slowest transfer method.
  • SCSI – This method requires a unique SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) connection. Generally, This method consists of a SCSI card. It inserted into the computer and connects the scanner to the computer.
  • USB – This is an easy and quick method to connect. In short, USB scanners are good at speed and affordable in a single package.
  • FireWire – This is an important method for scanning high-resolution images. It is faster than USB and SCSI. It is typically found on higher-end scanners.


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