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How to download Elyments App?  

Download and Uses of Elyments App

Elyments App is the first Indian social media app. This app helps to access many social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. This Elyments app is launched on 5th July 2020 by India’s vice president Venkaiah Naidu. The number of downloaders is about 1000000.

Features of Elyments App

  • Crystal clear and free video calling
  • Free voice calling
  • Real-time chat option
  • Make friends
  • Share your opinions
  • Option of like, share, tag, and comment
  • All the data stays in India


How to download?

This Elyments App is available on the Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. Just simply go to the above store and download it. Then sing in it. This app is totally free for all.

Founders and country origin of this App

About 1000 IT professionals give their effort to develop this app. This app has been invented by Sri Sri Ravishankar’s volunteers that are a part of “Art of Living” along with the partnership of Sumeru Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. This is proud of us because Elyments App is a homegrown app.

Elyments App reviews

Within 6 hours after launch, this app is accepted by Indians.  About 100K people start to use this app instantly. 17000 people review this app in the play store. The rating of Elyments App is 4.5/5 in Android and iOS both.



Elyments App for Windows

This is not directly available for windows. There are so many emulators are available in the market like Bluestacks, NOX app, Mynamo, etc. by using these this Elyments app is used in Windows.

  • First, download the Bluestack emulators.
  • Then download the APK file of Elyments App.
  • Next, open the Bluestack.
  • Load the app file
  • Run the app through an emulator.

Feedback of Elyments App

Recently this app is launched in India. To increase Chinese awareness India Government has banned many Chinese apps. In this situation to full fill the demand for banned apps this Indian app is very helpful and user-friendly. It provides eight local languages like Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, English and so many. The acceptability of this app is very high in Indian users. It is a one-stop app to fulfill all the requirements of users. The video and voice can also be done by this Elyments App.

How to create an account in Elyments App?

This is a very simple process to create an account in this app. The following steps are

  • Download the app from the store
  • Enter the phone number
  • An OTP will send that number
  • Put the 4 digit OTP
  • Then enter the first name and last name of the user.
  • Enter the password
  • Re-enter to confirm the password
  • Then sync the phone book if need.
  • Finally, use the app.


Safety of Elyments App

The users of elyments app will be safe from cybercriminals. Their accounts and their all documents are safe. According to this app authority all the user network are hosted in India so there are very less risk for tampering.

Elyments Customer Care

There are so many complaints that arise during using this app. But the customer service also good. The Elyments app user can submit their complaint online.

  • Uploaded Picture is not available
  • Elyments get slow and Hang
  • Getting error after entering OTP
  • Connection not able to Sign-in
  • Trying to reconnect. Please wait
  • Video call Issue
  • My Pn Failed
  • The app is not supported on a rooted device
  • Trying to reconnect. Please refresh
  • HTML code instead of authentication ERROR
Phone Number @elymentsapp (Twitter Handle)
Email Id support@elyments.com
Website https://www.elyments.com/


Elements 4D App

It is an Android app designed by DAQRI. This app provides information through educational stories or games. It provides information about real-life chemistry in a funny way. The symbol of 36 elements of the periodic table is prepared through the join the paper and woodblock. With this app, one object can transform easily into dynamic, dimensional, and 4D. this app can share knowledge about 36 natural elements like their name, atomic weight, atomic number, appearance. The unique character of this app is when it combines two elements it shows how they react and the effect of the catalyst in that reaction. It also shows the chemical equation. In July 2013 it was funded Kickstarter successfully. By using this app the papercrafts blocks can print easily and free.

Elements AR app

It is a real basis educational learning app. This app is designed for primary and middle school students. It shows chemistry information through game basis style. Generally, it provides knowledge about combining the elements. In education life, the students can not pronounce the difficult name of the compound. These elements AR app creates a user guide to help to pronounce that tuff name of the elements. The 4D colorful models help to better understand the concept of chemistry. For those parents who want to provide better knowledge in science especially in the chemistry portion the elyments AR app is a perfect choice.

Features of Elements AR App

There are four features in this app

  • Augmented Reality: In these features, learners can explore the elements and compounds by scanning the cards. Lerner knows about the elyments occurrence, molecular structure, and atomic structure. By comparing two cards the students can compare between that two elements.
  • Periodic Table: This app also a 4D periodic table which helps to better understand about their position and activity.
  • Quiz: It also provides a Quiz section. Through this section, the student can check their knowledge power and detect a weak portion of knowledge
  • Inventory: The user can combine two cards and explore the new binary compound. This inventory section can provide all information about that binary compound.

How to use this app?

  • Download app
  • Scan QR code inside the box
  • Then activate the app
  • Finally, scan the AR flashcard



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