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How to Find My Phone ? Remote Application

How to Find My Phone By Gmail

Sometimes it happens that our phone has disappeared and we put a lot of measures to find it, so today we are going to discuss on this blog for how to find our lost phone.

Finding My Device allows you to easily monitor, block, and delete data from a lost or stolen phone remotely. You can see the battery life on your phone and the connected Wi-Fi network.

There are other ways to track a lost Android phone, but “Find My Device” is the easiest option and is enabled on all phones outside the box. Find My Device is a set of services to protect your Google Play Protect phone from malicious content.

Google takes advantage of the machine learning feature to analyze and verify apps installed on your phone, and when the verification app was running a few years ago, Google made the process much more visible to users.


Missing Phone
Missing Phone

Find My iPhone allows users to find android, iOS devices using an iOS app or an iCloud computer. In addition to device placement, the service offers three additional options:

  • Play sound – Even when the device breaks, the screen flashes and plays the sound at the highest level. This feature is useful when your device has a problem and helps to find the phone that sent the problem.
  • Lost mode– Indicates that the device is lost or stolen, which allows the user to lock it with a password. If the device is a phone and someone finds it, the user can make a direct call to the device.
  • Erase – It completely removes all content and settings, everything is useful if the device has confidential information, but this action can not found after performing. In iOS 7 or later, a message displays after deletion and the device will get locked.

This makes it difficult for anyone to use or sell the device. For apple phone You will need an Apple ID password to turn off My iPhone, access it outside of iCloud, delete the device, or turn on the device after remote cleaning.


Work with Find My Device

It is important to know that the phone works with it. If you use an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later device, you can find My Device. This means that more than 99% of active Android devices, or 2 billion devices worldwide, have the right to find my device.

Install Find My Device

  1. First Open Play Store.
  2. Search for Find My Device.
  3. Click the three dotsnext to the first search and select Install

Sign in to Find My Device

  1. First Open Find Device.
  2. Select the Google account you need to utilize the service with.
  3. Hit the Continue as button.
  4. Enter your Google account password.
  5. Tap Sign in.
  6. Give location access to the service.

Discoverable with Find My Device

When you log in to my device, find your current location and map with your phone’s model and model, and enable two options – Play Sound and Lock and Delete. By pressing the last option, the Lock and Off functions start.

If you are registered with more than one phone, you can select a specific device by browsing at the top of the screen.

  1. First On the Home screen or in the app drawer, open Find My Device.
  2. Select the list of devices at the top of the screen.
  3. Make sure your phone is found.

If you can’t find your phone or the device isn’t available, location services may be turned off. Finding my device relies on GPS to track the phone, so it would be a good time to turn on the location service.

  1. First Open the settings.
  2. Press the location button.
  3. Activation of location service.

Ring your phone with Find My Device

Search Phone
Search Phone

If you need to search for a phone, go to a website or access another service. You can use the Play Sound option after searching for my device and registering after searching for the device.

Even when this call is on, the phone still beeps for five minutes. After finding the phone, press the power button to stop the sound.

  1. First Find your phone Find my device.
  2. Touch the playback button.
  3. The appliance starts playing. Press the power button to quiet the sound.

Lock your phone with Find My Device

There is a lock option that allows you to set a new password to unlock your phone. You can also display a message on the lock screen and add a button to your phone to call a number that anyone can contact.

  1. First Find your phone Find my device.
  2. Press the lock button.
  3. Enter the message and phone number that will be displayed on the lock screen, and then tap the Lock button.

Erase your lost phone’s data remotely

If you are not sure that you will see the phone again, there is a nuclear possibility of remote data deletion. Selecting Delete deletes all data on your phone.

The service also deletes data from the connected SD card, but the manufacturer’s version and the Android platform do not have such an option. Even if the phone is switched off when you send the shutdown command, the factory reset process will start when you log in.

  1. First Find your phone Find my device.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. Verify that the data is deleted by pressing the Delete button.

If you lose your iPhone, you can find the last location you know and play the sound in the iPhone Find app or iCloud website. If you break it at home or leave it at a restaurant, it’s great to keep track of a lost iPhone.

Set up Find My iPhone

  1. First Start from the home screen.
  2. Tap Settings> [name]> iCloud. In case you’re utilizing iOS 10.2 or later, go to Settings> iCloud.
  3. Scroll down and Click Find My iPhone.
  4. Click Find my iPhone and send it to the last location.

Set up Find My Mac

  1. First Select the Apple menu > System Preferences.
  2. Click the iCloud button.
  3. Select the Find my Mac computer check box.


Lost Mode:

If you’re invited to an iOS device or an Apple Watch, you’ll be asked to enter your phone number and message. After that, the lost mode device will turn on and connect to the Internet.

Anyone who wants to use your phone will see your message along with where you enter the device password. If you reset, you can enter a password to cancel the message and use it as usual.



Available for Mac, the lock feature allows you to protect your entire Mac computer with 4-digit code. You can also enter a message that appears on the lock screen.

If you think you can get your Maca back, that’s a good option, but don’t confuse anyone at this point. Note that if you lock your Mac, you will not be able to turn it off if you think the lock can be reset, as mentioned next.


Even if you have a password or passwords on your device, a thief can enter your data. Fortunately, you can delete your device. Turning off the device doesn’t allow you to see its location on the iPhone, so this is the last call.

Activation Lock:

If the stolen device is an iOS device or an Apple Watch, you turn on the activation lock when you turn on the Find My iPhone feature.

This feature prevents someone with a password, but Apple doesn’t know the iPhone and password, you can turn it off, delete the device, or set up a new user. In other words, there is no reason to steal an iOS device or an Apple Watch in the Activation Block, as no one can use the stolen device.


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