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How to Open a New Twitter Account


We are living in a society where we can’t imagine our lives without social media. It has a great impact on all working fields as well in our daily routine. Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in our life. We discuss here how to open a new twitter account.

social media app
social media app

Social Media App

Like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter is also one of the most popular social media.

The main benefit of the Twitter account is that we can connect with the world at very little time and we get all the information around the whole world. We can use it for business purposes as well as entrainment purposes.

Procedure for opening New Twitter Account

First of all, we should know how to open a new Twitter account, then we can connect with people. Actually it is very easy to join in Twitter but for this, we need to follow some steps.

some steps are –

  • Initially, we have to install Twitter from the play store, maybe on our mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Then we have to open that installed app and type the mobile no, email Id. Like another app Twitter account is also a protective app, so it will verify through your Gmail that it is you or not.
  • After that, we have to set our new password and click the button to get started.
  • A new page will open where we have to put our name and we have to click the button sign in. If you didn’t do it already, you will be asked to enter your phone number, but you can use the skip link at the bottom of that page if you want to avoid connecting your phone number to your Twitter account. You can always do this later.
  • Then you have to click the button let’s go. Then select the continue button to have the option to import your Gmail or Outlook contacts, which Twitter can use to recommend followers that you know.
  • In these steps, you can open a new Twitter account.

Twitter Account Profile Editing

But after all, we have to make our profile set up. we have to

  • add our profile photo,
  • add location,
  • date of the birthday

The reason is, anyone can easily make you understand.

Hide the Twitter  Account Profile

If you want to hide your profile set up or want to hide your Twitter account there has also an alternative option. It is just for your safety.

To prevent accessing account By hackers

Now we have to do an extra step just for verification and It’s helpful in preventing hackers from accessing your account. Then a code is texted to your Gmail address or phone no that you use to verify your identity, along with your password, as you log in. Now you can easily introduce yourself by sending your first tweet and find the right people to follow.

Sharing  Expression or business deal using Twitter Account

Who you follow on Twitter will dictate the type of content you have access to and the quality of the relationships you’re able to establish. For this reason, you’ll want to set up some criteria, based on your experience, your industry, and what you’re trying to accomplish. People you want to follow could include friends, professionals in your industry, other local businesses, colleagues, and even current or potential customers.

Now if you are getting bored by your new Twitter account or this feature accounts for some user privacy online, then you can directly delete your Twitter account. You can directly remove yourself from this social platform by deleting your account permanently. For this, there are few steps also like log in process. Deleting process is much easier than log in process, here we have to just open a Twitter account and then find settings, click the deactivate button. At last, you have to enter the password and deactivate the account.

Some Important InformationTwitter

  • Twitter is famous worldwide and the app is public.
  • With the Twitter app, we can see or find anyone instantly.
  • It can also be used for communication.
  • We can also hide Twitter’s profile name to discover news.
  • We can also know someone’s personal information through Twitter. As we are describing or using a machine or device.
  • One can make your phone number email address the home address to the public.
  • One can share your formations via Twitter.
  • We can also contact the administration on Twitter via email.
  • One can get information about Twitter’s privacy policy from twitter.com.

You may know some Recent News Like COVID-19, lockdown, weather forecasts, etc by the help of such app.



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