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Mi smart speaker

The “Smart Living 2021” event held online today. The event saw the launch of several new electronics products in the Indian market. One of these products is the Mi smart speaker. These products have officially launched a very excellent electronics brand Xiaomi. Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading electronics brands.

This speaker is specially designed and ensures its highest quality performance. This speaker is Xiaomi’s first smart speaker to be launched in India. This speaker supports Google Voice Assistant.

We will discuss its specification, price, and more here.

Mi smart speaker specification

Google Voice is a very popular service on Google. This speaker supports Google Voice so, you can ask who you need to know and it will immediately tell you the correct answer to that question.

It has a ‘premium’ metal mesh design, which is 0.6 mm thin. It has 10515 holes so that the sound is not interrupted. Also, this speaker has a round notification rim attached to the aurora light. The beauty of this speaker is further enhanced when this light of different colors gives its color. Many users call it Google Nest for its incredible voice technology.

Not only this, but it can also understand voice commands in Hindi. This device for understanding the Hindi language will be very popular in India as well as in Hindi floating countries. It is very effective for people of any age.

This speaker has an inbuilt Chromecast. So it can easily connect with other electronic devices. This is its real working power.

Working capacity of Mi smart speaker

The speaker is technically so beautifully designed that it can take its performance to a much higher level. Its circular aurora light responds with different color commands when the user gives a voice command. It can easily and quickly sync with other Android devices. This speaker supports all the features of Google Assistant.

Mi smart speaker
Photo by SCREEN POST from Pexels

It has an inbuilt Chromecast. So it can easily control other Mi home appliances and Mi security cameras, Mi air purifier, Mi smart light, etc. The funny thing is that it can work with smart plugs. So that users can easily control large appliances as well as geysers, refrigerators, and many other things used at home.

On the other hand, the Mi Smart Speaker has a touch panel at the top. You can take the whole feeling of the touch panel with it. This touch panel allows you to have complete control over the music, volume, and mic.

It also has two more far-field microphones which, You can easily identify your voice even if you are in another room. Also included in this new Mi Smart speaker are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, both of which help a lot in connectivity.

Prices and availability of Mi smart speaker

Its price is affordable for everyone. its price in India Approx 3999 INR (Approx $54.22). From October 1, it will be available on the company’s official website Mi.com, Flipkart, and retail stores. However, on the occasion of the launch, Xiaomi has set a special price for this product, those interested can buy this smart speaker at a lower price.


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