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What is computer mouse

What is a computer mouse?

A computer mouse is an input device. It helps to control the course of the computer on the screen. It uses to select the text, icons, files, and folder on the system. A computer mouse is a hardware. Generally, a simple mouse contains 2 buttons and one scroll button.

Who invented the mouse?

In 1963, Douglas Engelbart first invented this small useful computer input device. The computer mouse is previously known as the X-Y position indicator. It was invented at Xerox PARC. But Apple Lisa Computer used it widely first.

Types of a computer mouse

Computer Mouse variety
Computer Mouse variety

  • Cordless (Wireless):

it is an advanced type of computer mouse. The mouse is connected by wireless connections.

  • Intelli Mouse (Wheel mouse):

It is the very oldest model of mouse developed by Microsoft in 1996. It is also known as a scroll mouse. A scroll button is placed in between the two-click button. The scroll helps to up down the page vertically.

  • J-Mouse:

It is one of the older portable Mouse. It is controlled by the ‘J’ key on the keyboard. The left and right clicks are present bellows the spacebar.

  • Joystick:

It looks like a stick. This contains additional features. It is invented by C.B. Mirick at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in 1926. Generally, it uses for gaming purposes.

  • Mechanical:

It contains a simple technology. A metal or a rubber ball is present under the mouse. This ball helps to move the cursor on the screen.

  • Optical:

The substitution of a mechanical mouse, an optical mouse came. In the place of the ball of a mechanical mouse, an optical light is used. In 1999, Microsoft first launched this type of computer mouse. It is smoother than the mechanical mouse.

  • Touchpad (Glidepoint):

It is used in a laptop. Here no ball or optical light not present. The moving function is done by finger touch.

A ball is present beside the mouse. The ball moves on the thumb. No arm or wrist moving required for this type of mouse.

  • Track Point:

It is a small isometric joystick. It looks like a rubber point. The position of this rubber point is in between the ’G’, ‘H’, and ‘B’ keys on the keyboard. The button of this mouse present near the spacebar like J mouse.


What are the uses of a computer mouse?

Bluethooth Mouse
Bluethooth Mouse

  • Move the cursor
  • Open and execute a program
  • Scroll
  • Drag and drop
  • Select
  • Hover
  • Perform other function

How does the mouse help to increased computer usability?

First of all, the user should not memorize the commands of MS-DOS. So the users who have no knowledge in DOS can easily access a computer. One user can easily select, open, or moved a folder by using a mouse. The working process of the mouse is faster than the command system. The mouse is user friendly than the command.


Computer mouse ports

  • Bluetooth
  • Infrared
  • PS/2 port
  • USB port
  • Serial port


Different parts of a computer mouse

Pen Mouse
Pen Mouse

  • Buttons: there are 2 buttons in a simple mouse. Among them, one is the right-click button and the other is the left-click button. A mouse operates by this two-button. But now there is only one button in the advanced mouse. The Apple system mouse had a single button.
  • Scroll: it is a wheel-like button. It placed between the two click buttons. It can help to up and down the page.
  • Ball, laser, or LED: it is an important part of the mouse. It helps to sense the mouse movement. This part is under the mouse. When this part contact with the mouse pad, the movement starts.
  • Circuit board: it is an inside part of the mouse. It helps to input signals into the computer.
  • Cable or wireless receiver: for a normal mouse wire is present. At the top of this wire, a USB port is there. Through this wire, this input device connects with the computer. This wire looks like the tail of a mouse. In the case of the wireless mouse, no wire is there. Only a USB port is present. This type of mouse connects through Bluetooth.

How to change the battery of the mouse

First of all, there is no battery in the case of a wired mouse. But a wireless mouse contains a battery. This battery helps to supply power for connected with Bluetooth. Generally in the backside of the mouse, a cover is there. This cover opens on sliding. Inside the cover battery is present. Simply replace the old battery and use the new one.

Computer Mouse manufacturer

Mouse Vs TouchPad
Mouse Vs TouchPad

  • Logitech
  • Razer
  • Steel Series
  • Rocat
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Zowie
  • HP
  • Asus
  • A4Tech
  • Dream Machines
  • Mad Catz
  • Sony Corporation
  • Gamdias
  • Toshiba
  • Belkin
  • Dell Secure Works
  • Trust
  • Minicute
  • Iball
  • Zebronics
  • Cd-r-king
  • Creative Technology
  • OCZ Storage Solution
  • Intex




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